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   The story is in today's NEW YORK TIMES, with the official web site address now made public.
   I made all those "ragtime" and "chop suey" citations up.


   Don't have much lunch-hour time.  This is a very pleasant country, like parts of Austria or Switzerland.
   The Museum of Alpine Dairy Farming at Stara Fuzina has a nice display of cheesemaking, and some nice cheeses.
   The Iron Forging Museum of Kropa showed the famous iron works of the city, most famous for making nails.  A Purim noisemaker was on display, dated 1899.  Did this place make the first ones?


   I haven't checked the online OED, which I don't think I'm allowed to check anymore.

by Andrej Goljat
Ljubljana: Zalazba Kmecki Glas

  This is in two languages.  There is a nice, extended discussion of the titled food.

Pg. 13:  On a top-ten list of Slovene specialties one should undoubtedly find _potice_ (pronounced paw tee' tzah).  This roll-cake, consisting of a sheet of pastry spread with a rich filling and rolled up, is well-known in all regions of Slovenia under a variety of names.

(Gotta go--ed.)

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