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One assumes that website will have so many hits that it will continue to be
unavailable except in the wee small hours of the morning.

Did anyone else find it interesting to learn that digitizing seems to be
more reasonable than I would have expected?

"The site, which offers the contents of the first 62 years of The Eagle in
computer-searchable form, was financed with a $239,000 grant from the
federal Institute for Museum and Library Services, with matching funds from
the library."

This sound like a bargain, relatively speaking.

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Subject: Potice (Slovene Festive Pastry); Brooklyn Daily Eagle

>    The story is in today's NEW YORK TIMES, with the official web site
address now made public.
>    I made all those "ragtime" and "chop suey" citations up.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
>    Don't have much lunch-hour time.  This is a very pleasant country, like
parts of Austria or Switzerland.
>    The Museum of Alpine Dairy Farming at Stara Fuzina has a nice display
of cheesemaking, and some nice cheeses.
>    The Iron Forging Museum of Kropa showed the famous iron works of the
city, most famous for making nails.  A Purim noisemaker was on display,
dated 1899.  Did this place make the first ones?
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
>    I haven't checked the online OED, which I don't think I'm allowed to
check anymore.
> by Andrej Goljat
> Ljubljana: Zalazba Kmecki Glas
> 2003
>   This is in two languages.  There is a nice, extended discussion of the
titled food.
> Pg. 13:  On a top-ten list of Slovene specialties one should undoubtedly
find _potice_ (pronounced paw tee' tzah).  This roll-cake, consisting of a
sheet of pastry spread with a rich filling and rolled up, is well-known in
all regions of Slovenia under a variety of names.
> (Gotta go--ed.)

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