New York Times on the PSAT Glitch

Michael Cassidy Michael_Cassidy at CONDENAST.COM
Mon Jun 2 16:41:02 UTC 2003

Dave wrote:

3) The idea that all forms of language are equal and equally valid flies in
the face of what people know to be true from their experience. When a
linguist says, for example, that Ebonics is no less valid than RP English,
people find this absurd. They live in a world of prejudice and social
stratification and when linguists make statements like this, people who live
in the "real world" dismiss them as pronouncements from an ivory tower. It
doesn't matter that facts are on the side of the linguist; facts are
unimportant, perceptions are.

True. As someone who can flip in and out of a Brooklyn accent I love watching
people react when I change my voice.

The political equivilent is the movement to make English the official Language
of the US.
Why? If it can not survive without political help, then let it die.

However, the real world is the real world and its hard to get a well paying jobs
speaking 'street.'

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