St. Jacob's Mussels; Your Mother's A--

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Wed Jun 4 10:02:04 UTC 2003

   Greetings from Rovinj, Croatia.  The Croatian coast is a huge resort area for Germans and Italians.  There are hot Italian couples all over, and I'm touring with an 82-year-old named Rhoda.

YOUR MOTHER'S ASS--Graffiti on the wall here.  It's a curse in Italian that doesn't translate, I was told.

ST. JACOB'S MUSSELS/SCALLOPS--A very popular dish here, served everywhere.  Not in OED?

MUSALE/NOAH'S ARK--Another dish.  Noah's ingredients are not explained.

MADARSKI PIZZA (Hungarian)--tomato, cheese. ham, eggs, hot peppers.

PALACINKE, PFANNKUCHEN, CREASPELLI/CRESPELLE--Food signs in town have these items.

RAZNJICI--"meat on the spit."  Found all over.

PLESKOWITZA--"seasoned hamburger."


CHICAGO--An ice cream by the EBTA company.

MARBLED TROUT--Another fish my tour guide said is mostly/exclusively found in Slovenia.

"HUMAN FISH"--At the famous Slovenian caves lives this creature, like a salamander.  This is the nickname, but it is neither human nor fish.  It can live 80 years, and go 12 years without eating.  It has no eyes.  (The Popik Slovenian jokes CD is not yet available.  "So we were on this blind date, and I suggested dinner and a movie, and she says no, I ate ten years ago...")

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