Roller Coaster Jargon

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Thu Jun 5 15:44:11 UTC 2003

A few interesting words here:

The woman ejected from a roller coaster in Indiana[1], which appears to
have no obvious malfunctions, was on an American Coaster Enthusiasts[2]
outing. Although it's premature to speculate, it's already sparked ugly
accusations[3] that this particular fan may have been among a number of
coaster fans who try for "one-click" rides, that is, with the lap bar
pulled down no more than a single ratchet click. (Three would be
typical; some parks practice pushing the lapbar as far as it will go,
which enthusiasts deride as "stapling".) This permits the rider in a
wooden coaster going over a rise to get a thrilling moment of airtime.
Allegedly, some riders will even unbuckle lap or shoulder belts if they
are present, relying solely on the bar. This thread and others in the
group rec.roller-coaster discuss different restraint systems -- some
are relatively sophisticated -- and whether any system can fully meet
the expectations of both safety and fun. Ultimately, at least one
poster concludes that the standard of a restraint holding an
unconscious person in place for the duration of the ride isn't what we
should worry about -- it's a system to hold the *conscious* but
reckless rider in place.


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