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I never took Freshman English either. I believe that I was exempted
based on SAT score, perhaps on the Advanced Test (whatever it was
called back then). I still had to take two writing courses, but in
Ithaca in 1970 it wasn't necessary that a writing-intensive course
have anything much to do with English prose. I satisfied the
requirement with a creative writing course and a course in 20th
century French drama, taught in French (with all writing assignments
in French).

Beverly Flanigan wrote:
>Aha, from the '80s--about 25+ years after I was a college freshman.  But
>it's telling that this is a "standardized test," presumably multiple
>choice?  I was exempted not on the basis of my knowledge of grammar, word
>analogies, and the like, but on my ability to write a coherent, well
>organized, AND mechanically "correct" argumentative essay--the
>old-fashioned test of whether one did or did not need Freshman English!  I
>suspect this is what Bethany had to do too.
>At 07:58 AM 6/5/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>>Oh, sorry, all.  College Level Equivalency Performance (I think.  The first
>>three words are right.)
>>"Bethany K. Dumas" wrote:
>>>  On Wed, 4 Jun 2003, Beverly Flanigan wrote:
>>>  >Clepped?  (I was too, but I never heard of this word.)
>>>  CLEP is some kind of standardized test - I did not take it. But in some
>>>  way I tested out of freshman English.
>>>  Bethany

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