Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Fri Jun 6 15:58:16 UTC 2003

> Lawrence Horn wrote:
>  "Sushi"
> > slice of raw fish wrapped around Japanese rice Nishiki
> > (prawn, salmon, tuna, halibut, squid, salmon roe, *St.
> Jacob's scallops*)
> > 4 types according to individual selection
> Unless I am totally incorrect the word Sushi in Japanese
> means sticky rice
> which can be put around any fish or vegetable and which is
> normally enclosed
> by a sea weed wrapper.
> Am I incorrect?
> All I know is that as a vegetarian I eat vegetarian sushi all
> the time.

No, you are correct. "Sushi" in Japanese refers to cold boiled rice that is
flavored with vinegar.

Styles of serving sushi include Nigiri (hand pressed) Sushi, balls of sushi
topped with (usually) raw fish. There is Maki (rolled) Sushi. These are the
rolls of various types, with "California roll" being perhaps the most
common. This is also known as "maki nori," with "nori" being the seaweed
wrapper. Inari Sushi is a deep-fried tofu pouch stuffed with sushi. Chirashi
(mixed) Sushi is served in a bowl, topped with fish or other ingredients.

When most Americans refer to "sushi" they are referring to nigiri and/or
maki sushi.

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