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I forwarded Larry's question (hope that was okay, Larry) about
precedents for dual publishership of a multi-volume work to the
mailing list of the Society for the History of Authorship, Readers,
and Publishing, and this is what's come back so far:

One example that springs to mind is the famous Thieme-Becker
dictionary of artists: the "Allgemeines Lexikon der Bildende
Künstler". The first 5 volumes were published by the Leipzig firm of
Wilhelm Engelmann. Then another Leipzig firm, E.A. Seemann
published the other volumes. Seemann started a new edition
(Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon), but only 3 volumes were
published. The edition was then completed by the München firm of
K.G. Saur.

Paul van Capelleveen
Afdeling Informatie & Collecties / Department of Information &
Koninklijke Bibliotheek

The New English Dictionary/Oxford English Dictionary-from the
Philological Society to Oxford
Dictionary of National Biography?--from George Smith to Oxford
The Shannon/Lang Tennyson letters--from Harvard UP/Belknap
(vols 1-2) to OUP (vol 3).

Patrick Scott
Associate University Librarian for Special Collections
& Professor of English,
Rare Books & Special Collections,
Thomas Cooper Library,
University of South Carolina,
Columbia, SC 29208, USA.

The _Susquehannah Company Papers_ were published by a local
historical society in Pennsylvania in their first few chronological
volumes, until a flood damaged the project's offices in the 1930s.
The series was taken up and finished (with reissues of the first few
volumes) by Cornell University Press in the 1960s-70s.  My
memory is a little hazy on the dates and exact details of the case,
but this might qualify as a situation where "the first m volumes of a
multi-volume work were published by one publisher and the final n
volumes by another?"

Penny L. Richards PhD
Research Scholar, UCLA Center for the Study of Women
Co-editor, H-Education and H-Disability

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