Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Jun 10 18:00:34 UTC 2003

At 1:38 PM -0400 6/10/03, sagehen wrote:
>Larry, if you have the TTYFont on your Mac, Option-shift-6 will produce a
>sort of thorn-like sign.  It wouldn't travel well in cyberspace, except
>maybe in an attachment.

Thanks.  I don't have the TTY Font, but now I have the Times OE font,
thanks to Matt Gordon and (indirectly) Cathy Ball.  It's just the
option-shift-5 and -6 (for upper- and lower-case thorns respectively
(could TTY be an analogue of Times-OE?), and the edh is
option-shift-4.  No prob.


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