"Pen" (Croatian Penkala folk etymology), Vegeta & OK chef

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Wed Jun 11 17:06:01 UTC 2003

   Greetings from Korcula, Croatia.  I will be in Dubrovnik on Thursday and
 Friday, Zagreb on Saturday, Munich (Germany) on Saturday/Sunday, and I'll return home late Sunday.  I'll be back on the Columbia University databases on Monday.  Make any research requests for these places now.

"PEN" FOLK ETYMOLOGY--A box in LONELY PLANET and some web sites for
 Eduard Penkala (1871-1922) credit him as the inventor of the fountain pen.  His
 last name was shortened, giving us our English word "pen."  I kindly
 refrained from shooting the tour guide who told me this, but only because I
 have great restraint.

VEGETA--Vegeta is Croatia's greatest food product.  On the package is the famous chef, winking one eye and giving the "OK" sign.  How old is the product and this package?

MARESKA, MOSTRA, KUMPANIJA--Folk dances here in Korcula, Croatia.  I'll be seeing one of them in a few hours.  OED?

FISH PICNIC--Seen advertised at several places in Croatia.  "Fish" is
 not your usual picnic food.  Check Google.

KORCULA DICTIONARY--My tour guide said that a Korcula Dictionary (twenty years
 in the making) will be published in a few months.  An English translation is in
 the works.  There will be food terms.  You can e-mail the tour guide (who's
 responsible for tourism here) at tzg-korcule at du.hinet.hr.  Her name is Stanke

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