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I don't recall ever hearing this use of "Southland"--though of course that
doesn't mean it wasn't around.  It sounds like something that would be
understood only within California.  (Unless, of course, it was part of some
tourism ad campaign that would make the meaning clear--e.g., "Come visit
OUR "Southland"!)  I don't recall hearing or seeing it during the year I
lived in Northern CA--1976-77--but again that's no guarantee.

Sorry--I'm afraid a "dated non-recollection" is the best I can do!

Peter Mc.

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> The earliest citation DARE has found so far for "Southland," meaning
> Southern California, is from 1988.  I'm sure it goes back at least to the
> sixties; can any of you westerners give dated recollections of the use of
> the term?  Actual early citations would also be very welcome.
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