Southland --Warning possible "earworm."

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> > ["Southland" is] also used in the movie "Grosse Point Blank," 1994:
> >
> > "MARTIN: I work at Kentucky Fried Chicken.
> > [...]
> > AMY: What do you do?
> > MARTIN: I sell biscuits to the Southland."
>There is an obscure double-entendre here.  The 7-11 chain of convenience
>stores is owned by the Southland Corporation of Dallas, Texas.
>                       - Jim Landau

Southland went bankrupt before '94, no? At least they had to sell off the
CITGO part of their empire to Venezuela.

Anyway, ever since this topic came up I've had an "earworm"- and it HAS to
be running through half, if not more, of the minds out there...

"Big wheels keep on turning, Carry me home to see my kin, Singing songs
about the Southland, I miss Alabamy once again
And I think its a sin, yes...."

Thanks to Lynyrd Skynard Southland will never be anything but Dixie to me.

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