Hoe (correction)

Mark A Mandel mam at THEWORLD.COM
Thu Jun 12 22:45:05 UTC 2003

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Mark A Mandel wrote:

#In NYC in the late sixties, upper west side, there was a graffito on W
#104th St. "YOUR MOTHER IS A HO". That accurately reflects a common
#pronunciation of the word.

A while after I sent this, the recollection began to percolate through
my mind. It wasn't HO, it was HUWA. The reason it stuck in my mind is
not just that I walked past it every day (it was in very durable paint),
but that it took me a very long time to decipher it. /'hu:(w)@/ is also
a common pronunciation, at least in insults like that.

-- Mark A. Mandel

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