Regional Food Name Group (ORIGIN); Buzara (continued)

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Sun Jun 15 07:33:35 UTC 2003

   Greetings from Munich, Germany.  After a brief visit to teddy bears, I fly back home to New York City.
   Croatia (with its large coastline) is popular with Germans and Italians, and it will be increasingly so.  I walked around Munich yesterday and found several restaurants that offer Croatian cuisine.  This is not obscure stuff, and the OED should recognize some of it.


   The remaining note in CROATIAN CUISINE (1995), pg. 156, "Scampi or Shellfish buzara," is:

   The closest expression, found in Venetian dialect, means a "folly, stupidity, nonsense," or "slops, a hotchpotch, a mixture of all and everything."  But it´s hardly likely that anybody would describe scampi, mussels or date shells--prepared only with oil, garlic, parsley and wine (but absolutely never with onions)--as slops, etc.  It is far more likely that this is an autochthonous Croatian dish from the Adriatic coastal regions.


   DARE might consider adding a legal note about the use of regional names.  The laws have changed.  Maybe this stops Ohio-based "Texas Toast"?  What about French Fries and Long Island Iced Tea?
   From the FINANCIAL TIMES, 12 June 2003, pg. 13, col. 7:

_Group formed to_
_protect food names_
   Producers of regional food and drink specialties yesterday launched a campaign group to lobby for stronger protection of geographical names in the World Trade Organisation.
   Producers from 25 countries have joined Origin (Organisation for an International Geographical Indications Network), with products including Parma ham, Gruyere cheese and Conakry bananas.
   Pascal Lamy, European Union trade commissioner, said geographical indications belonged to a community and could not be sold.
_Frances Willism, Geneva_

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