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In the June issue of The Vocabula Review -- now online -- Peter Trudgill
takes on Mark Halpern.

The Critical Reader Rebutted
Trudgill Takes on Halpern

<A HREF="">Converse Terms, Polysemy, and Respect for Nonstandard Dialects </A>

Peter Trudgill

I am puzzled by Mark Halpern's piece [<A HREF="">Myth-Bashing as a Substitute for
Thought</A>] attacking my chapter on lexical-semantic change in <A HREF="">Language Myths,</A> and by
his motivation for writing it. He agrees with me that it is inevitable and
natural that languages change through time, but he seems not to share my respect
for individuals who happen to be in the vanguard of any particular change at
any one time.  ... More ...<A HREF="">
<A HREF=""></A>

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