Blue ice on 6'Under & in your drug store

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Mon Jun 16 16:41:57 UTC 2003

The final episode of this year's Six Feet Under including the beheading of a 
woman by a piece of "blue ice" as she stood on her back yard, where she had 
moved to get better reception on her cell phone; she was talking to her husband 
at the time she was struck. The funeral directors called it "blue ice" that 
was the first I'd heard of it.

Blue Ice (in caps) is a trademarked name for a kind of Vicks coughdrops.

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> > A Santa Cruz man won a suit against American Airlines
> > alleging that one of the company's planes released two
> > chunks of toilet waste,
> > known euphemistically as "blue ice,"
> Spider Robinson, in one of his "Callahan's Bar" stories which appeared in 
> Analog Science Fiction, date I don't know, has someone tell a story about blue 
> ice.  I don't remember if the exact phrase "blue ice" was used.  The 
> punchline to the story was something to the effect of "hit by an icy BM".
>           - Jim Landau

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