The Q-Word (1990)

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   No, not a sequel to the best-selling THE F-WORD.
   There are several q-words, resulting in a queer quota quagmire.  It dates back to Bush the Elder.

"Q' word
Writes for The Washington Post
San Francisco Examiner

I THOUGHT civil rights leaders had enlightened President Bush about the Civil Rights Law of 1990 - that this president finally understood that there can never be justice in the workplace if blacks, Hispanics and women face the burden of proof that they are the victims of discrimination.
I thought they had made Mr. Bush understand that when a state can't find a single black person qualified to be a highway patrolman, a judge such as Frank Johnson in Alabama is compelled to declare a prima facie case of discrimination and order a hiring remedy.

I thought black leaders had enlightened President Bush to the fact that "merit" is the code word privileged whites use to protect their special hutches at Harvard and hundreds of other universities, and middle-class white males use to maintain special privileges in the police and fire departments of the land.
Who declares what "merit" is? The members of the "old boy networks" who want to pretend that any black, female, Hispanic or Asian who gets a job is not really qualified, but the beneficiary of "reverse discrimination," or an allocation of "quotas."

Those who asked Mr. Bush to support the Civil Rights Act of 1990 must have been dismayed when the president listened anew to Atty. Gen. Dick Thornburgh and his political and other advisers and declared that he will "sign a civil rights bill, but not one that involves quotas."

PRESIDENT BUSH obviously doesn't understand that in these times to suggest to a black man that he is a "quota" is worse than calling him a "nigger."

`Quagmire' of rebel care worries GOP
Ralph Z. Hallow
Republicans in Congress are worried that the continued U.S. military presence in Iraq to protect the Kurds will take the shine off the U.S. war victory, which GOP leaders have said is their best election issue next year.
Democrats and many in the press already are publicly claiming Mr. Bush got the United States into a Vietnam-style "quagmire" by not getting rid of Saddam Hussein before halting hostilities in Iraq and by going on to mishandle the "peace."

"A Quagmire After All," a Newsweek headline proclaimed last week.
"The president says he does not want to get us involved in a quagmire, but that's what we're creating," Rep. Stephen Solarz, New York Democrat and a member of the House Foreign Relations Committee, said of Mr. Bush's decision to use American troops to shield Iraqi Kurds.

Even the Republican right has taken to using the "Q" word. "Saddam back in power, thirsting for revenge, vast refugee camps in neighboring states, anti-government enclaves inside Iraq protected by Western troops - welcome to the quagmire," wrote National Review Editor John O'Sullivan.

Sandy Grady
The Record, Northern New Jersey

When George Bush launched his heavy ammo against the buzzword "quotas" in the civil rights bill, clearly he struck the rawest political nerve since the Willie Horton ads of 1988.
Each time Bush angrily lambasted the Q-word in a speech, he dredged up Americans' hidden fears about race and reverse discrimination.

Gays at Odds Over 'Q-Word' / Some homosexuals plan protest of 'year of queer' parade theme
David Tuller, Chronicle Staff Writer
The San Francisco Chronicle

Hundreds of thousands of people will march behind a banner proclaiming 1993 as "the year of the queer" at this month's Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade -- but some gays say they are so upset by the use of the `q-word' that they will carry protest signs or stay home altogether.

For months, the city's gay and lesbian newspapers have been running letters denouncing as hurtful and insulting the decision to include "queer" in the parade's official slogan. Although many find the phrase delightfully irreverent and to the point, others say that it sends the wrong message to straight people who are just learning how to accept gays as part of the country's cultural mix.
"Among ourselves it's OK -- I have no problem...

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