ADS Website Link to Vocabula Review

Matthew Gordon GordonMJ at MISSOURI.EDU
Wed Jun 18 16:55:36 UTC 2003

Given the contempt Fiske has for linguists, it's interesting that he
proudly lists the mysterious ADS "endorsement" of Vocabula on his site
among other comments praising the publication.

RonButters at AOL.COM wrote:

>I note that the ADS web site has a Link to VOCABULA REVIEW's publicitiy
>website and says the following about the publication:
>"An excellent regular publication concerning all aspects of language,
>digestible by the academic and layman alike."
>This seems to be at odds with some of the critique that many ADS
>members--especially the academic ones--have been publishing here for the past few days.
>I'm curious as to the source of this little review -- particularly the
>justification for the word "excellent".
>I have looked over the other links, and this is the only one that is
>described in other than netural terms (well, another site is described as "not very
>academic, but amusing").
>Does the American Dialect Society officially endorse VOCABULA REVIEW as
>"excellent"? Is its "excellence" so great that VR and only VR deserves our praise?
>Should our website endorse other websites (especially those published for
>Who is the source of this laudatory review? Would she care to inform us what
>is so "excellent" about VR--so excellent indeed that only VR among all the
>other sites -- is so praised?

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