Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OHIOU.EDU
Wed Jun 18 17:21:33 UTC 2003

At 10:28 AM 6/18/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>>I heard this morning a radio personality use anyways several times.  My
>>use is anyway, I think.
>>In DARE the entry is designated "now chiefly Sth, S Midl."  The radio
>>personality was born and bread in New York City.
>>I notice that anywheres does not have any regional restriction.
>My impression is that it correlates with informality rather than
>region.  I've heard it in the northeast.

I hear it only sporadically here in SE Ohio (traditionally S Midl), and
usually from students from larger urban areas, like Dayton and
Columbus.  It isn't a form the locals and rural people use, as far as I can
tell.  I seem to recall that Labov or someone discussed this as an
urban-hopping phenomenon, but I don't know where -- CFR, anyone?

I don't detect an informality link; those who use it use it consistently, I

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