Windy City (25 February 1881)

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   Even earlier.

   25 February 1881, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, pg. 8, col. 1:
      CHICAGO, February 24, 1881.
   Owing to pernicious political influences the police system of Chicago is far from being as good as its Fire Department.  The ward statesmen of the Windy City know full well that the experience of the past will not permit the wealthy and influential classes (or even small house-holders) to allow much tampering with the Fire Department, for on its efficiency the very existence of the city depends.

   13 November 1881, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, pg. 1, col. 7:
_Wafted Last Night From the Windy City._

   I'll go for some lunch and then try 1880.  Other city nicknames found here:

   5 January 1881, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, pg. 7, col. 5:
(Toldeo, Ohio--ed.)

   12 January 1881, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, pg. 4, col. 7:
_Notes and News From the City of Concentric Circles._
(I'll leave you in suspense and have you guess--ed.)

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