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Thu Jun 19 22:25:05 UTC 2003

Le Thursday, 19 Jun 2003, à 13:55 America/New_York, Robert Hartwell
Fiske a écrit :
> Apparently, descriptivists are hell-bent to unearth "subtexts";
> prescriptivists wish only to write well and clearly. Any subtext in
> Vocabula articles is of
> Barrett's imaging; what's more, I dare say, he has not read any of
> Vocabula's
> articles in at least a year; he does not subscribe, and he does not
> know of
> what he speaks.

Given that the entire thing seems to be available currently only to
subscribers, and I am not a subscriber, your daring statements are
un-surprisingly on-target. However, if I remember correctly, this was
not always the case. The archives or selected articles were open at
some point, were they not?

However, I propose this to you: I see the names of known ADS and DSNA
members in your lists of contributors, so surely there are some
redeeming qualities. I've just paid through Amazon for a subscription.
Show me your best. I'm willing to have my mind changed. Convince me.

I should note that I did not write an ADS endorsement. I wrote a
review, such as it was. I do not speak for the ADS. I am not an elected
representative. I post, with my own meager brainpower as a guide, those
items directed to me by colleagues or recommended by visitors, or that
I come upon in my surfing of the Internet. It's an uncomplicated



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