New Software Helps Leverage the Paradigm

Mark A Mandel mam at THEWORLD.COM
Sat Jun 21 19:51:26 UTC 2003

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Drew Danielson wrote:

#These terms also have a shibboleth quality to them.  An administrative
#staff who thinks themselves incapable of understanding engineering is
#out-grouped by engineers when they use these terms in conversation.  An
#admin staff like me who can grab on to these terms and use correctly
#them gets in-grouped a little.  But when I pull them out in conversation
#with my humanities buddies, I often get the funny looks....

Ah. Comes of too much mail to read and not reading attentively enough.
Having missed the use of "shibboleth", I wondered, "How do engineers
*group*, especially to a greater extent than admin people do?" Then I
saw "in-grouped", reparsed, re-stressed, and understood.

-- Mark A. Mandel

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