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> I haven't found an exact citation yet, but "fanzine" as used in
>  (organized) science fiction fandom and since then in various other
>  subcultures first showed up in print.  And the originator was deaf.
>  He's also credited with originating "prozine".

Harry Warner, Jr.  _All Our Yesterdays_  Chicago: Advent Publishers, Inc,
1969, ISBN 0-911682-00-7 (closth) 0-911682-11-2 (paper)  page 156

<begin quote>
   Patriotism in fandom appeared in such projects as Fanzine Service for Fans
in Service, a title that may have made permanent the new name that Louis
Russell Chauvenet had devised for fan magazines.  Tucker's _Le Zombie_ and my
_Spaceways_ sponsored it, starting in mid-1942.
<end quote>

Wilson "Bob" Tucker wrote the Introduction to the book, which reads on pp.
<begin quote>
in 1942 the pair of us [Warner and Tucker] collaborated on a brief fling
known as _Fanzine Service for Fans [page xiii] in Service._  COllectors need not
bother fhunting for that; I believe the two-paged flyer endured for only one
issue, although the service may have later been incorporated into some other
<end quote>

Chauvenet (who has 14 entries in the index of the book) was the "deaf
originator" you specified.

The "SF Fandom Citations for the OED" Web site, URL

has this to say:

Mike Christie submitted a 1952 cite from a letter to Planet Stories by Algis
Budrys. Geri Sullivan submitted a 1944 cite from the Fancyclopedia. Ruth
Berman submitted a 1942 cite from H.H. Holmes "Rocket to the Morgue". Keith Stokes
submitted a 1941 cite from Bob Tucker and Everett Evans' fanzine "Le Zombie".
Cory Panshin submitted a 1970 cite from Rolling Stone.
Hal Hall located a quote in Sam Moskowitz' research files from the October
1940 issue of Louis Russell Chauvenet's fanzine, "Detours". Alistair Durie
located a copy and provided a cite from it. This appears to be the coinage of the

        - Jim Landau

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