meaningless utterances

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Mon Jun 23 15:11:23 UTC 2003

In a message dated 6/22/03 11:22:17 AM, Vocabula at AOL.COM writes:

> In a message dated 6/22/2003 10:51:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> RonButters at AOL.COM writes:
> > The problem--again--is not that I disagree with it so much as that it is
> > meaningless.
> Ron, how can you even think of agreeing (or disagreeing) with something that
> you find meaningless?
> As for the meaningfulness of "A society is generally as lax as its
> language,"
> I did give an example in my last post.

What I meant to convey was "The problem--again--is not that I AGREE OR
disagree with it so much as that it is meaningless." Obviously, if it is meaningless
I can't disagree with it.

It is impossible to "give an example" to illustrate a meaningless utterance.

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