Tony McCoy O'Grady maxiogee at ESATCLEAR.IE
Tue Jun 24 18:01:35 UTC 2003

On Dé Máirt, Meith 24, 2003, at 10:18 Europe/Dublin, Michael Quinion

> A World Wide Wprds subscriber asks "Is there such a word as
> 'besmitten'?" As usual, he's really asking something more like "Is
> 'besmitten' the sort of word I can use and not be laughed at?"

I imagine that he is confusing 'smitten' with 'besotted', he is less
likely to be laughed at if he uses 'besotted' but he should go for it
with 'besmitten' - it is a perfectly good construction.

Tony McCoy O'Grady
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