Nigerian Letter

Anne Gilbert avgilbert at PRODIGY.NET
Tue Jun 24 23:42:39 UTC 2003


> No.   For one thing, I couldn't possibly afford the disk space; and
> cataloging the variations could easily become an unpaid fulltime job.
> For another, I would have to hire someone literate in Chinese.   Among
> all the Chinese-language spam I get, there are probably at least a few
> variants of the Nigerian Letter.

I asked that question in part because apparently some people have a hobby of
"collecting" these Nigerian Letters.  I'm not one of them, but I thought you
might be.  Anyway, as far as spam goes, I get large quantities of spam from
Korea.  In Korean.  And weird stuff inviting me to travel to various parts
of Lebanon.  Don't ask me how I got on any of their lists, but whenever I
get NIgerian letters, stuff from Korea in Korean, or weird travel offers
from Lebanon, my "spam killer" goes into action.
Anne G

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