Accents relevant to politeness?++ yass67 at POPPY.OCN.NE.JP
Wed Jun 25 00:04:45 UTC 2003

Dear Linguists,

I hope it is okay to supply samples of 'tame-guchi' as an addition to the
previous mail.

A conversation between A and B. Let's say A is me (Y.Shoji) as a 50-year-old
Professor, and B is my 19-year-old student, Ms.Suzuki.

A: "Would you like to see me this afternoon, Ms.Suzuki?"
B: "Yeah, okay, Shoji (without any title like Prof)! See ya la'er (later)!"
(In a very casual manner claimed to be 'friendly'.)

B: "You know, Shoji, Sato didn't come to the class yesterday."
A: "Who do you mean by Sato, Ms.Suzuki? A student?"
B: "No. A teacher! Another professor."

It's not just about the title. But at least this is one of them.

Yass Shoji

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