Accents relevant to politeness?

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Dear members,
I need your help about the sentences below

I am translator. I need a person who speaks English as native. Those
sentences are from a play by Beckett. Before making any definite
translation, I have to make sure of the meaning of each sentence so I need
your help. Would you like to write any requital for each one below. If you
write synonymous sentence or summerized word, phrase, I can check my
translation. (Surely I have the translation for each one.)
zaferavsar at
zafav at

1.You are not so very blooming yourself p9
2.Isn't it though p16
3.Peace of mind is the hallmark of slaves p17
4.He thinks he's in his circle. P18 just come in for crying out loud p23
6.I have every intention of amazing nobady p25
7.May what you say be the truth p26
8. cold cuts?
9.Intricate to a fault? P31
10.The lord has flushed me out p35
11.They put up with everything p37
12.She commands the stage by God, and it hasn't got a thing to do with her!
P37: Allah için bütün sahneyi dolduruyor ama oyunda onunla ilgili tek sey
13.My wife is but barely attuned to the macrocosm? get things going? P43
15.Your outing did you a world of good p47
16.we are done for:? p48
17.I dont feel like howling p48
18.I feel like getting it off my chest p49:
19.there are too few and it is not worth your while to begin: p51
20.Finding it therefore impossible to live and recoiling from the great
21.Will wonders never cease:p56
22.But you have no more tricks up your sleeve? P57
23.Time is of interest to me: p77
24.So much the worse p78
25.I did not put it right p81
26.take on little  contour p81
27. So that all this may look like it holds water. You have been impossible
up until now.  p81
28. timeclock it, dont half cock it. P82
29. Deep down only words interest me p82
30.timeclock it p82: Saat yönünde çevir.
31.I am a poeth who would rather not know it p82:
32.for Pete's sake?
33.But give hime room to breathe for Pete's sake p86 : Allah askina izin ver
de bir nefes alsin..
34.If you had your heart sen on being hooted down, you could not have done
better P87
35.Men like you are needed p88: senin gidi adamlar revaçta.. that toffee may go being sold p88: Dalkavukluk para etsin diye..
37.Your praises are sung p88:
38.That was bluffing p92.
39.He made me promise to look like I was living so you too would look like
you were living p93
40.It is not the line I would have taken p93
41.Scratch him a little thereabouts p94:
42.Have too keep the rubbernecks well entertained p97:
43. It is getting stagey p99:
44.not what the living call dead p102:
45.That must have dealt him a low blow p105:
46.He denies her right of entry p106:
47.raving right along p108. is amazing the help people need in ceasing to be: p112:
49.But rest assured it's more than likely he is as scummy as the rest of us
50.If I have been a little bit off in my own world, If I have minced words
insufficiently, lay it to the account of an oldu enthusiasm, about to be
snuffed out. P114.
51.So near giving away! P119
52.Color is the missing of a beat p119
53.The grain of wheat discovered in a hypogem is sprouting after three
thousand years of dry sleep p127
54.He doesn't give a thinker's damn p131:
55.It is not enough that he insists on explaining himself only in the wings,
but he requires imbeciles to the bargain p133
56.we who senselessly dared to speak of something other than staple
rationing p134:
57.One look at a cork and they are out of commission p135
58.Better you, obviously than rotten eggs. P139
59.Cut to the chase :p139
60.I am as much your village gossip as the gentleman who doesn't get taken
in. P143
61.It's either that or a fit p144
62.That would be to let all hell break loose p146
63.Set forth with vagueness: p147
64.Auvergnat:? p148
65.The merest streetlamp, just something to set off the fog p149:
66.If you felt me deep down to be one of your own kind: p161
67.But far away from words..p 163
68.You acept one's getting beyond life or its getting beyond you p163
69. make a peep p165
70.You must nevertheless have had a bite from time to time p165
71.He is in a class by himself p166
72.Everybody has his dealer p166
73.Stories, well there's no getting them told with impunity p167
74.Well, for crying out loud p168
75.Now that the damage is done p170
76.Slaughterfest: p173
77.Honor to whom honor
78.The wind in the reeds p179
79.He casts it behind the ozone! P181
80.Don't let yourself be pushed around!
81.I like my revels to be well-attended p186
82.How low the ground is

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>Subject: Re: Accents relevant to politeness?
>Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 23:09:35 -0500
>I've waited for one of the professional linguists, but since there were no
>responders, here is a rank amateur's thought:  From an Army officer's
>viewpoint, where rank is significant, accent is basically irrelevant.
>are dialect differences in some speakers, but I haven't noticed any number
>of speakers who shift accent based on person addressed (or for any other
>reason than humor.)  This strikes me as a Japanese cultural question that
>doesn't translate to American culture.
>Dave Hause, dwhause at
>Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
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>Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2003 7:56 AM
>Is it 'politer' to say "Can/could you blah, blah, blah?" in General
>accent or Received Pronunciation (UK) than in New York's or London's local
>accent when you speak to someone with a higher social status or your
>superiors? Do you think that politeness or 'power relations' are relevant
>accents or dialects? In other words, when you have two people with two
>different accents (one with a standard and another with a non-standard),
>which person do you think respects you more?
>I look forward to your comments. Thank you!
>Yass Shoji

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