Pimento Sandwich? (1916); Senate Bean Soup? (1918)

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  The NYPL has just two volumes of the SOUTHERN WOMAN'S MAGAZINE.

  July 1916, SOUTHERN WOMAN'S MAGAZINE, pg. 33:
  Cottage Cheese, Pimento, and Lettuce Sandwiches

  March 1918,SOUTHERN WOMAN'S MAGAZINE, pg. 35, col. 1:
  HERE is a recipe whichI purchased for ten francs from the famous Restaurant Foyot--the Senate Restaurant of Paris--for as good a bean soup as I know.   As the French have accused us of having ten different religions and only one kind of soup, wemay adopt this recipe from them for our collection of good recipes, which we have passed along:
  Bean Soup--For Four People
1 pint of stewed White beans rubbed through a sieve.
1 quart of morning milk.
1 small onion.
4 tablespoonsful of chopped parsley.
Butter the size of a hen's egg.
   The beans must be thoroughly cooked and the water cooked out dry.  A small piece of salt pork should be boiled with the beans.  Fry onion slowly in butter.  Heat the milk in double boiler.  Put in butter andonion; add the strained beans,salt and pepper; let stand two hours just  (Col. 2--ed.) goodand hot.  When serving, add chopped parsley, stir in and serve at once.
   Using this samefoundation, addhalfas much strained well-cooked tomatoes, a few carrots and you have Potage Nirernaise.

(Compare with "Senate Bean Soup" in the archives.  Holy Freedom Fries! "Senate Bean Soup" from France?--ed.)

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