Hash House (1861-1865)

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   OED has 1869 for "hash house."  A 1940s food slang book is HASH HOUSE LINGO.  I checked for Civil War "hash."

Morgan, Julia, fl. 1861-1865. "Memoir of Julia Morgan"
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with gamblers and bad characters, drinking, carousing, coming and going. Food was getting scarcer and cooking worse. To sum it up, confusion reigned. One day Col. John. Savage came to me and said they had changed the name of the hotel. I asked him the new name, and he said: "H-- l and hash house, instead of Kennesaw Hotel." I told him that was a fearful name, but he went off laughing heartily. The time had come when we had to make a change. Houses were hard to get; we were in a sad dilemma; we did not know what to do. Fortunately, we heard of a house for sale, furnished complete ...

Morgan, Julia, fl. 1861-1865, Memoir of Julia Morgan, in How It Was: Four Years Among the Rebels. Nashville, TN: Privately published, 1892, pp. 204. S2002-D011 [Bibliographic Details] [Undated] Morgan:M2002-11

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