Query: Oral Discourse in Revolutionary Boston

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Have you seen this:
Orbeck, Anders    Early New England Pronunciation    Michigan: George Wahr, 1927 .

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I'm working on a book with the working title "The Social Politics of
Oral Discourse in Revolutionary Boston" and am seeking ways of gaining
familiarity with the sounds of different speechways that one would have
heard in eighteenth century Massachusetts. I've examined a good bit of
scholarly writing as well as eighteenth century texts on "proper" vs.
"vulgar" pronunciation, grammer, etc. but need help in identifying the
actual sounds of eighteenth century speech. I wonder if you, or perhaps
others associated with the Dialect Society, could point me toward
materials, whether audio-visual recordings or written work, that would
help. I'd be grateful for whatever help you can offer.

John Howe
Professor Emeritus
Department of History
University of Minnesota
howex002 at umn.edu

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