Havarti (1956)

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    "Havarti," by request.  Merriam-Webster has 1957 for "havarti."  OED has
nothing at all.
   This is just a quick note before I try to become the next Kathie Lee
Gifford.  Yeesh, what a way to finally get on tv and publicize stuff I did
for New York City twelve years ago.  After I wait for several hours and get
dismissed in one minute, I'll head over to NYPL'S SIBL and try to antedate
OED's revised "Monterey Jack" with VARIETIES OF CHEESE (U.S. G.P.O., 1908).

by Andre L. SImon
London: Faber and Faber

Pg. 82:  ASIAGO was originally made on the high plateau of Asiago about 1870.
("Asiago" is not in OED.  I should send those folks some AU BON PAIN Asiago
Cheese Bagels.  M-W has 1938--ed.)

Pg. 116:  DANBO differs from _Samsoe_ in shape: it is square instead of
(Not in OED or M-W, but in a ton of food dictionaries--ed.)

Pg. 117:
HAVARTI is also a cheese of the same semi-hard, hole-pocked type, but with a
different flavour due to the technique of the original cheesemakers at
Havarti, a farm in North Zealand where the cheese was first made about a
hundred years ago.  _Havarti_ weights vary from 8 1/2 to 11 lb.  The cheese
is round in shape, about 10 in. in diameter and 4 in. both in height and

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