Pronunciation of chipotle, - was bin Laden's org in the media

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Fri Mar 7 03:30:28 UTC 2003

>>'s not like you then have to move on to
>>Popocatepetl sauce.
>Don't know that one.

There's no such sauce as far as I know, but if there were it would be
made on or near the mountain--a sacred volcano over 4000 meters
high--of that name, a name that contains that same Mayan -tl-
affricate originally also found in "chocolate" (< xocolatl < xococ
'bitter' + atl 'water') and "tomato" (< tomatl) as well as in
"chipotle"--and in "Nahuatl", the name of the source language for all
of these.  My thought was simply that since the -t- and -l- are in
different syllables in (the English version of) "chipotle" (the
original would have been more like chi-PO-tle), it shouldn't cause
problems for English speakers, the way the final -tl of "Nahuatl" and
"Popocatepetl" do, and the way that of "chocolatl" and "tomatl" would
have if the -l hadn't been dropped.

>>   But does all this imply that Jack in the Box now
>>has chipotle sauce on their burgers/tacos?
>Something like that.  I don't eat much fast food and didn't really
>pay much attention to the tag line.  But yes, they have some sort of
>chipotle sauce on some burger or something now.
Probably not of the quality of "La Morena Home Made Style Chipotle
Sauce" from Monterrey, which I recommend highly.


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