Jarlsberg cheese (1966)

Frank Abate abatefr at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Mar 10 09:00:52 UTC 2003

Dear listers,

See Barry Popik's post on this, please.  It is lexical "detective work" of
the highest order, and just about nails everything down that needs to be
nailed down, except perhaps for the name of the Norwegian (I am guessing)
who thought up the idea for a new manufacturable cheese product that looks
like "Swiss cheese" but is more suited to the American palate, dubbed it
"Jarlsberg", and went on to make millions.  But the background story is
fascinating, and the dating of the evidence, tied to US trademark records,
provides a terminus that would be difficult to antedate, except from private
corporate records.

One additional bit -- how do Americans pronounce "Jarlsberg"?  With the
initial sound like that of an initial Y, or like that of an initial J?  I

Frank Abate

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