"Padiddle drivers of America"; and "beater" (= jalopy)

Bob Fitzke fitzke at MICHCOM.NET
Sun Mar 16 16:32:57 UTC 2003

My youngest son, now 44, has had a love affair with gas engines since he was
about 4. When I first heard him use it, probably about 25-30 years ago I
asked him what a "beater" was. He said, "You know, a weather beater,
something you drive in the winter so if you skid into a tree you won't lose

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Subject: Re: "Padiddle drivers of America"; and "beater" (= jalopy)

> "Beater" = "old car in poor condition", I believe < "beat[en]-up [old
> car]", is pretty common and widespread AFAIK. I first heard it in the late
> 1970's IIRC but I suspect it may be much older. It occurs on Usenet from
> 1982 (search only goes back to 1981).
> -- Doug Wilson

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