Canadian vs. US was: Will that be pop, soda or a soft drink?

Fritz Juengling Friolly at AOL.COM
Sun Mar 16 18:25:20 UTC 2003

In a message dated 3/15/03 10:46:06 PM Pacific Standard Time, dsgood at VISI.COM

> > and Halifax developed from a British naval
> > base. Then we must consider proximity and influence of American cities.
> The
> > Prairies aren't influenced by America [historically and geographically]
> the
> > way Southern Ontario is."
> >However, many Americans moved to the Prairies.

Especially the LDS (aka 'Mormons') in southern Alberta.

> "Frosting," for instance, just isn't making it. We prefer icing on our
> cake, thanks.

So do I in the phrase "That's the icing on the cake."  Would never say

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