Cambozola (1982), Maytag Blue (1942, 1947), Sacre Bleu!

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   I was having some soup in a nearby AU BON PAIN (er, "Freedom Cafe") when I saw it had "Cambozola."  OED has this as "a proprietary name" from Germany, with a first citation of 1984.  Why "Cambozola" makes it in OED and not "Jarlsberg," ask Jesse.
   It's also sometimes "Cambazola."

   23 June 1982, NEW YORK TIMES, "Blue-Veined Cheeses--The Expanding Choices" by Florence Fabricant, pg. C1:
   Saga Blue (from Denmark--ed.) has inspired numerous line-for-line copies with white crusts, limited traces of blue mold in the center and names like Blue Castello, Blu Bayou, Bavaria Blue, Cambozola and Blue Moon on the label.  The newest one, Sacre Bleu from France (the name is Mr. Grasmuck's doing) has been in stores only about a month.

   23 June 1982, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. C8 (list and description of blue cheeses, associated with story above):
   Fourme d'Ambert
   Bleu d'Auvergne
   Bleu de Causses
   Bleu de Gex, Bleu de Septmoncel
   Bleu de Cresse
   Pipo Crem'
   Ronde Bleu
   Sacre Bleu
   Danish Blue
   Saga Blue
   Blue Cheshire
   Blue Wensleydale
   Bavaria Blue, Blu Bayou, Cambozola:  These are some of the German-made, blue-veined, soft-ripening cheeses.
   Parsifal Blue
   Maytag Blue:  Made since 1941 at dairy farms in Iowa owned by the family that started the Maytag washing-machine business.
   Treasure Cave


   1941 sounds like a good date.
   "Maytag Blue" is not in the revised, cheese-deprived OED.  It is mentioned in John Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK.

   9 April 1942, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 22:
   (A blue cheese from Newton, Iowa is described, but the name "Maytag" is not used--ed.)

   7 July 1947, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 14:
   It was five years ago last April that this column first reported Maytag blue cheese, prepared in Newton, Iowa.  Our files show that at that time we sang a rhapsody in praise of the product; we still do...

   But one cheese web site says the 1920s:

Maytag Blue
Vegetarian, blue cheese of cylindrical shape made from cow's milk. It has been produced since 1920's when the Maytag's founded their family farm producing cheeses. This cheese is not produced in huge volumes as the cheesemakers want to keep the tradition of hand-made cheese and offer only best quality cheese to the customer. Maytag Blue has a crumbly texture and it reveals a very spicy flavor. The period of curing and maturing takes six months. Other cheeses from the production of Maytag Dairy Farm include White Cheddar and Edam. This cheese is used as a table cheese for dressings and salads.
 United States
 cow milk
 Maytag Dairy Farm

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