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It's called milspeak.

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> At 3:00 PM -0500 3/21/03, sagehen wrote:
> >Speaking of military lingo, I heard for the first time in my life, so far
> >as I can remember, the word "attritted" regarding Iraq's military
> >It seemed obviously a backformation from "attrition," and sure enough,
> >OED gives it as such from M20 /military slang/.  Is it ever used in any
> >other context?  It was a Canadian military historian who uttered it on
> >occasion.
> >A. Murie
> I remember (and have somewhere) a very old clipping on military
> back-formations like "attrit" and maybe "liaise" or "degrade" from
> Safire's "On Language".   Could have been during Gulf War I.
> larry

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