Ghost Surgery; Shock and Awe; REMF

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Sun Mar 23 08:46:31 UTC 2003


   Sunday's NEW YORK POST (, 23 March 2003, pg. 4, identifies
its military writer with this:

   Dr. Harlan Ullman is a distinguished national security expert and one of
the principle (sic) authors of the doctrine of "shock and awe."



   The same NEW YORK POST, pg. 25, has a story on "ghost surgery."  This has
been in Google Groups since 1997.  From col. 4:

   Switching surgeons without a patient's knowledge--known as "ghost
surgery"--is illegal in New York and a practice the American Medical
Association calls unethical and deceitful.



   Green's CASSELL DICTIONARY OF SLANG has this term (you have it at
home--look it up), but I thought this was amusing.  From the same Sunday NEW
YORK POST, pg. 29, col. 3:

   Armchair generals make fun of the REMFs (sorry, folks--can't explain that
acronym in a family newspaper)...

(The NEW YORK POST is a family newspaper?--ed.)

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