schtupperware parties || Burp plastic

mark worden mworden at WIZZARDS.NET
Sun Mar 23 21:30:33 UTC 2003

Schtupperware parties
aka sex toy salons

"If the Tupperware party was the girls' night of the seventies, today's
girls' night is the schtupperware party, where participants test vibrators
instead of burp plastic. The women who attend are more likely to be single
than married and are less interested in the particulars of food storage
(most can't even cook) than in the location of the G-spot. Though the
business model is the same as Earl Tupper's, the selling point is built
around how to have fun between boyfriends instead of learning to keep a good
house in order to get one."

burp plastic??  Earl's cometuppance?

Quark out
Lower Umpqua Addictive Conundrum Institute

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