woody=early wood-sided auto

mark worden mworden at WIZZARDS.NET
Mon Mar 24 02:07:14 UTC 2003

Chapman & Kipfer Dict American Slang say it dates from the '50s surfer

Where's the Random House Historical Dict of American Slang, vol "W" when ya
need it?

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> So, Jan and Dean(with the writing help of Brian Wilson} say in the 1963
> Surf City, "I got a '30 Ford wagon and I call it a woody."  (Unless,of
> course, there's a mondegreen lurking there).
> The OED cites "woody" to mean a wood-sided auto  from 1961.  Fine.
> What did the world call that car before 1961?  You mean it didn't have a
> slang name?

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