Embedded (1996), Unilateral (2001)

Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Wed Mar 26 20:29:11 UTC 2003

These terms pop up somewhat earlier than one might expect:

"...it is entirely up to the units, unit commanders, individual military
organizations, whether they accept media under what we have started to call
embedded media terms. That is to say, in these situations, the media
actually spends some period of time with the unit." Captain Michael
Doubleday, USN, Deputy Asst. Sec. Def. (Public Affairs), DoD News Briefing,
Thursday, 9 May 1996,

"The question is, if we're going to do any unilateral coverage we're going
to need some sort of guidance as to what kind of an operation we're looking
at, where the likely places might be, what's going, etc." Unnamed
questioner, Meeting with Media Pool Bureau Chiefs, 28 Sep 2001.

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