"Cobb" Salad (from the Brown Derby)

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   I'm trying my best to give you a "Cobb Salad."  That's still not here, but here are results from a search of "Brown Derby" and "salad."

              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Jan 16, 1936.                   p. A5 (1 page):
   To illustrate her talk, Miss Manners has arranged with the Vine-street Brown Derby for an exhibit of one of their celebrated Continental buffets.  A copper buffet wagon will display the viands, which will include lobster Parisienne; paprika chicken; crown of lamb; bouquetiere; chicken salad Derby; sauce Bouillabaisse and gateux fantasie.

Local Chefs' Recipes to Be Class Feature
              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Mar 20, 1939.                   p. A5 (1 page):
   ...Times Home Institute classes.  Appearing there will be Mr. Rector's baked ham in Easter garnish, a black bottom pie, designed by Henri Bassetti of the Ambassador Hotel, Chef Gus Wasser of the Biltmore's Dundee cake and the salad which has become the favorite of Brown Derby patrons.

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              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Mar 20, 1939.                   p. A6 (1 page):
   For example you'll learn how to mix a Brown Derby Chef's Salad...the Ambassador Hotel's celebrated Black Bottom Pie...and then the Dundee Cake the Biltmore patrons rave about.
   (George Rector gives the "OK" sign--ed.)

      More Chefs' Secrets Revealed for Today's Menu
       MARIAN MANNERS.       Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Mar 27, 1939.                   p. A7 (1 page):
   Pull leaves from two medium sized heads of lettuce and remove heavy center veins.  Chop three hearts celery finely with one bunch each of watercress and chicory.  Add one cup diced baked ham.  Peel and quarter three tomatoes.  Rub bowl with cut garlic and make French dressing by beating together juice of one lemon, one-half cup olive oil and one-half teaspoon mixed vegetable salts.  Toss greens in bowl with dressing with other ingredients.  Garnish with sliced hard-cooked eggs and parsley and serve in bowl.  Serves six for dinner or four for luncheon.
   Cream one and one-half cups butter and two cups sugar.  Add six well-beaten eggs, one table spoon grated orange rind and one teaspoon grated lemon rind.  Sift and measure three and one-half cups flour and sift again with one teaspoon baking powder.  Add to beaten mixture with one cup seeded raisins, one and one-half cups currants and one-half cup finely cut citron.  Pour into greased tube pan and bake two hours at 300 deg.F.  Currants should be plumped by washing in warm water.  Drain and spread out in pan.  Cover and heat slowly in 250 deg.F. oven until wrinkles fill out.

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