Rocky Road (1927); Denver Sandwich (1924); Hollywoodland (1923)

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   It appears that the LOS ANGELES TIMES database is now up to 1930.  Only another 36 more years for "the whole nine yards."
  Here's some western foods.  See also the archives.  I'm still awaiting that first "cheeseburger" and "corndog."

              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Sep 12, 1927.                   p. 2 (1 page) :
   ...the Congressional Club cookbook is about to be put on the market.  (...)
   Mrs. T. J. Geary, wife of former Representative Geary: ...Honolulu ham glace, American tagliarini, apple-raspberry jam, frozen rocky road, baked halibut creole, harlequin tomato rings.

      Early Shopping Food Pages
              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Jan 10, 1928.                   p. A9 (1 page)
(Illegible "rocky" text--ed.)

      CHEF WYMAN'S Suggestions For TOMORROW'S MENU
              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Sep 6, 1924.                   p. 6 (1 page):
              _DENVER SANDWICH_
   Make twelve slices of toast and butter.  Beat six eggs until light and beat into them two cupfuls of finely chopped boiled ham, two finely chopped small onions, and three finely chopped dill pickles.  Heat three tablespoonfuls of butter in a sautepan, turn in the mixture and stir and cook five minutes; spread over six slices of the buttered toast, cover with six slices of toast, place one sandwich on a lettuce-covered plate, garnish with sliced dill pickle and serve.


   1930 and still no "tinsel town."

              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Apr 1, 1923.                   p. V5 (1 page):
Glimpse of First Unit of New Hollywood Tract.
Hollywoodland--The Old Sherman and Clark Ranch.
   It is the intention of the subdividers to make the tract, which is being marketed under the name of Hollywoodland, into one of the most attractive residential sections of the city.

      Display Ad 321 -- No Title
              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Jun 10, 1923.                   p. V2 (1 page):
_Facts about Hollywoodland_
Hollywoodland has been opened for only ten weeks.

(Useful for etymologists of the "Hollywood Diet"--ed.)

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