WFAN ("the FAN", the NYMets radio station)

Alice Faber faber at HASKINS.YALE.EDU
Thu Aug 5 19:20:00 UTC 2004

Laurence Horn said:
>My favorite NY-dialect-bearing-host moment on the FAN came after a
>typically up-and-down Knicks game in March 1997, which they
>eventually (barely) won.  The speaker was Joe Benigno, the overnight
>host who started out as "Joe from Saddle River", before winning his
>job through a competition among callers.  Imagine this passage (which
>I was fortunate enough to capture on tape and have playing in class
>during discussion of "positive _anymore_" ever since) spoken with a
>heavy New York Metro accent
>"Another agita special.  The Knicks are a different team from quarter
>to quarter [KWAWduh duh KWAWduh] anymaw."
>When I first posted this here in '97, I commented 'Somehow the
>combination of the indigenous
>vocalic clusters and the very much non-indigenous use of "anymore"
>struck me as
>particularly incongruous', but since then I've heard (on 10/4/01)
>another positive "anymore" from another WFAN host whom Alice informs
>me is also a native (albeit rhotic) New Yorker, Jody McDonald.  Jody
>Mac's reference was to the Mets' pitcher Steve Trachsel:
>"He's getting three, three and a half mil, that's what you've got to
>pay for a fifth starter anymore."

Jody McDonald has also worked on sports radio in Philadelphia, if
that's relevant dialectally.

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