a bare simmer

Sally Donlon sod at LOUISIANA.EDU
Mon Aug 9 14:28:26 UTC 2004

The adjectival use of "bare" meaning "mere" may not be in
the OED, but other such uses spring to mind immediately:
bare minimum, bare necessity, bare facts.

sally donlon

Barbara Need wrote:

> A recipe for a dish I made this evening asked me to "cook [the
> chicken] at a bare simmer". Well, I knew what was meant* but it
> seemed odd to me. On the other hand, Google gives me 1800 hits for
> the phrase!
> Is there anyone familiar with this use?
> * I suspect it is from something like "barely a simmer" or "barely
> simmering". The adjectival use of _bare_ meaning 'mere' is not in the
> OED.
> Barbara Need
> UChicago--Linguistics

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