wheel barrels?

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Thu Aug 12 00:53:38 UTC 2004

>>If in "frontoparietal" you put less stress on the -to syllable than
>>on the fron- (as I am sure you must), it is easily confused with an
>>/l/ (as I showed) ....


Yes, I would in conversation, and even in dictation if it would work, BUT ....

>.... If I point out the error to the typist, and speak the same word
>>the next day, elongating and stressing that "o" so that there's no way it
>>could be "-al" (IMHO), then what is typed? Probably "frontal parietal"

I have tried all kinds of things: primary and more-than-primary stress on
"-to-", elongation to 3- or 4-syllable size, deletion of the /u/ or /w/ at
the end of the diphthong, you name it, anything to make it non-L-like ...
and remember I'd recently advised the typist that "frontal parietal" is not
a possibility, is not in my 'vocabulary' ... but still ....

If somebody 'likes' the sound of "frontal" or "barrel" he'll just hear
"frontal" or "barrel", I guess.

-- Doug Wilson

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