Another "$100 Misunderstanding" (1)

Bethany K. Dumas dumasb at UTKUX.UTCC.UTK.EDU
Fri Aug 13 19:30:30 UTC 2004

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, Wilson Gray wrote:

>is clearly the preferred - by me, any way - pronunciation.;-) BTW, my
>late stepfather, a native of Saint louis, though of Arkansas ancestry,
>made this odd distinction in his speech: noun = "IN veh lup"; verb =
>"in VEH lup." Of course, there's nothing of interest in his verb form.
>But I've always felt that he was the only English-speaker on earth or
>in Saint Louis, at least, to use that peculiar pronunciation of the
>noun. And it's also odd that he was able to resist all his life the
>pressure to to switch to one or the other of the "correct"

Is joke?


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