Another "$100 Misunderstanding" (1)

Gordon, Matthew J. GordonMJ at MISSOURI.EDU
Fri Aug 13 21:30:41 UTC 2004

I took the unusual thing in this form (IN veh lup) to be the schwa in the final syllable.
Is that what Wilson's pointing out?

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>>> is clearly the preferred - by me, any way - pronunciation.;-) BTW, my
>>> late stepfather, a native of Saint louis, though of Arkansas ancestry,
>>> made this odd distinction in his speech: noun = "IN veh lup"; verb =
>>> "in VEH lup."

I cannot tell from your spelling what vowels you are indicating, so  am not
referring to those - but the
stress pattern you indicate is the one that I have always used - with initial
syllable stress for the noun,
and medial syllable stress for the verb. That's why I asked, "Is joke?"


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