Another "$100 Misunderstanding" (1)

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sat Aug 14 02:24:20 UTC 2004

>Not at all. My fault for not being clearer.  Okay, then. IN veh lup
>*is* odd.;-)

I myself use "EN-vuh-lope" or so AFAIK. I hear "AHN-vuh-lope" enough that I
don't find it odd. I think I've probably heard "EN-vuh-lup" sometimes
because it just doesn't sound very odd to me (by contrast to e.g.
[*?]"ANN-tuh-lup" for "antelope" which does sound odd to me).

MW3 gives a bunch of pronunciations for the noun "envelope", some of them
seemingly associated with a variant spelling "envelop" (which LOOKS odd to
me for the noun). For example "EN-veh-lup" is there, and "EN-vuh-lup" and
even "EN-vlup" ... if I'm reading it right.

-- Doug Wilson

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